Photo of BODYGUARDS - Scene 4
Photo of BODYGUARDS - Scene 4

As the scenery changes things take a turn for the surreal, as we observe Mark’s business partner on a business call, and it seems from our end of the conversation there is nothing but bad news. Things in the market sound like they took a turn for the worst. Then once again we back at the gym with Mark and his trainer, only this time things aren’t developing quite like they did earlier. The weight seems impossible to lift, Mark is overwhelmed with the weight and his trainer isn’t helping. Things are suddenly all wrong. It’s as if we are living in a bad dream.

As soon as we think this is a bad dream we see Mark, asleep in that lawn chair and struggling with what appears to be an unpleasant dream. Jacob is there, gently waking his boss. It is the next day and Mark had fallen asleep in the lawn chair he was in when Jacob left the evening before. Jacob see’s that Mark is exhausted from stress and suggests his boss learn to relax and take more time to enjoy life. Mark agrees with Jacob and agrees that he should try to take it easy once in a while. But old habits die hard and soon Mark is back at his laptop, dressed in his business suit and hard at work. But as fate would have it, Mark receives an unexpected call from a friend (played by Alfredo) inviting him over to his place for a mid after-noon pool party. A few half naked guys, hanging out and having cocktails, pool-side on a beautiful day. Who could ask for more? From the looks of his hot friend on the other line, Mark would be a fool not to jump, but in true work-a-holic fashion Mark initially declines. Some big, important business deal threatens to keep Mark at his desk and in his suit working away as another beautiful day passes him by. But his friend doesn’t give up that easy and Mark eventually gives in and trades in that business suit in for a bathing suit. When Mark arrives at the suggesting that they help Mark to relax. That is when Mark trades in his bathing suit for his birthday suit, a far cry from the business suit he was sporting earlier in the day.

You might think you were re-living Mark’s fantasy Gym Dream, only instead of an incline Bench, Mark is in a lounge chair which is a little comfortable but also at the right height for all those cocks that just sprung out all around him. And just like that another four way has just begun, only this is no dream. There are plenty of hard and hung cocks for everyone and no one goes unfed. Mark kicks back in his chair to enjoy a big uncut piece of meat which is fed to him from his hot tattooed friend. Party host and guest give Mark some extra relaxation as they trade off sucking that rock hard Bone to the root.

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves at this party. You’ll get that sense of deja-vu again as Mark seems to be living out the dream he had the night before. This time he is on the lounge chair and a good buddy is there to give Mark’s perfect ass a tongue bath. These guys are paired off for now, you can bet they will switch it around and probably end up in a big fuck pile soon enough but for now we get an eye full of one on one ass pounding. Mark is still making his dream a reality as his legs are in the air and getting topped by that hot tattooed top who just minutes ago was slapping that meaty cock on suck sloppy face. And our party host gives his other guest a party favor that he’s sure to enjoy. A long hard pole for him to ride. The lounge chairs seem like perfect fuck-furniture. These guys know how to use ‘em too and they definitely put them to the test as each pair seems determined to fuck in every position imaginable. And yes, these guys switch off fuck-team-mates. It’s a hot day full of hot butt-fucking action and just as you might have guessed, these guys get in a pile for a sandwich fuck that truly makes this party a dream come true for Mark.

Then when things really get going it appears one of the party guys seems to have an ass that everyone wants to fuck and the four-way climaxes in a gang bang finale that drains every cock bone dry. With his legs up and ass open this toned and athletic sex maniac takes one pile driving fuck after another from each other the other party guest, and takes it like a champ. And after giving up his ass like that he rightly deserves every drop of hot cum that these guys spurt out. One by one his ass pushes them to the point of no return and as they explode it’s a cum bath all over his upturned ass, chest, back…he’s totally drenched. And what fun is a pool party if you don’t get all wet.

So we see that Mark is capable of having letting loose and having a good time, both in his dreams and in real life. But it seems like Mark has started something is starting to take on a life of its own. Suddenly the thought of getting back to work doesn’t sound so good. Maybe that big business deal isn’t so important after all. These are big changes for a guy who lived and breathed work. Mark has started down a different path and now there is no turning back.

In the final scene of BODYGUARDS we see Mark relaxing in a outdoor garden at his Villa. His BODYGUARD Jacob has just arrived and as he approaches he comments that Mark looks quite happy today. Mark smiles, thinks about the pool party from the day before and he agrees, he is quite happy today. But it’s more than just happy. Jacob is about to learn that his boss is a new man. He is shocked when Mark tells him the he has decided to retire from his career in stocks and trading. He has just bought a house in Thailand and he is starting a new life, a life where he takes the time to treat himself right, enjoy life and go after what he really wants. And what is it that Mark really wants? Well let’s just say that he won’t be going anywhere without his BODYGUARD.

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