Hot Bods Scene 3

Photo of Hot Bods Scene 3
Photo of Hot Bods Scene 3

Get ready to a see a whole new side of Adam Champ. Sure, we all love his dense pelt of hair accentuating that thick muscled chest. But under all that sexy man-fur lays a chiseled torso that deserves to be appreciated in more ways than one. COLT Man Arthur Gordon does the honors as he tends to the upper-body shave with great care and precision. The intense eye contact, the feel of the lather, the close, intimate attention to detail... Adam submits to the full-service treatment as his hands explore Arthur’s growing bulge. With the last strokes of the razor Arthur moves in for a deep and passionate lip lock, and the full-service treatment is only just beginning. His lips explore the newly shorn canvas of Adam’s smooth muscled chest as he works his way down. Cocks are sprung and a dedicated suck-session is underway.

Adam knows that when the service is this good, always give your barber a generous tip. He shows Arthur his gratitude by bending him over the chair and fucking the daylights out of that sweet ass. And for a finishing touch, a warm and soothing batch of creamy cum-lather.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Shaving
Details: Jul 1, 2014 31 min
Photo of Adam Champ
Adam Champ
Photo of Arthur Gordon
Arthur Gordon

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