Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 4

Photo of Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 4
Photo of Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 4

Zach Alexander Tops Dayton O'Connor - Stripped naked, bound and gagged and mounted on a riding saddle, Zach Alexander struggles for hours against his ropes in the field behind the barn. His long fat cock and aching balls are tightly lassoed and tied to the saddle handle. As he struggles - his throbbing cock and swollen balls pull the rope even tighter. A leather-clad Dayton O’Connor approaches. It’s been a busy day at Stud Ranch and ranch owner Dayton has forgotten all about his boy, leaving him tied and waiting all day in the hot sun. Dayton apologizes for forgetting his boy and promises to make it up to him. He starts by giving that fat swollen cock some much needed relief. Stroking, pulling and sucking on Zach’s monster cock to really get those juices flowing.

Dayton knows that what his boy really loves is a mouthful of cock, and so he gives it to him. Back and forth they suck and stroke each other, that is until Dayton takes an active interest in Zach’s smoking hot ass, bending his boy over as probes his tight hole. “Open Up” he says as he glides his fingers in. Zach does what he is told and “opens up”. Dayton then climbs up in the same saddle behind Zach, mounting him for what promises to be one wild ride. Leaning back Zach takes Dayton’s thick cock to the hilt. Like two cowboys riding a wild stallion, these guys fuck until the cows come home. Dayton brands that ass with his red hot poker. He gives his pard’ner what he’s been wanting and needing all day… a fiery hot load of cum. And when Zach feels that hot load hit his skin, he can’t help but bust a nut. In the end, it’s just typical day here at Stud Ranch, where the boys are Hung N’ Strung. Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Bondage, Cowboy, Leather, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 24 min
Photo of Dayton O'Connor
Dayton O'Connor
Photo of Zach Alexander
Zach Alexander

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