Hard Wood Scene 3

Photo of Hard Wood Scene 3
Photo of Hard Wood Scene 3

Young muscle hunk Marko Lebeau takes some time to unwind and commune with nature the best way he knows how. Stripping away his tank top he reveals a well-muscled torso with a sexy trail of hair leading to an ample package below. Basking in the late afternoon sun, he indulges in a dreamy session of self-gratification. Working that bulge in his pant, Marko unleashes his eager tool and gets to work satisfying his inner urges. Losing his pants, Marko turns to reveal a beefy and furry ass, a nice compliment to his overall sturdy build. Kicking back on a rock, he slowly strokes his throbbing cock, playing with his foreskin and milking a slowly building load. His balls swell and churn as the heat inside him mounts. His raging hard cock pulses as he jacks his cock harder and faster. With a deep moan he lets himself gush in a ball draining load. With a devilish grin on his handsome face, Marko basks in the dripping wet afterglow of a much needed release.

Categories: Boys, Hairy, Jerking Off, Outdoors, Solo
Details: Jul 1, 2014 15 min
Photo of Marko Lebeau
Marko Lebeau

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