Bear Scene 3

Photo of Bear Scene 3
Photo of Bear Scene 3

A bear’s work is never done. As COLT Man Aaron Cage hauls firewood he works up a mean sweat. Stripping off his tank top he takes a break. Showing off his hot furry chest he reaches in and opens up his jeans to reveal ever more hot fur. Taking his cock in hand Aaron plans to really take a load off.

Meanwhile, rugged Daddy-Bear Josh West waits at the wood pile for Aaron to return with some fresh wood. When he realizes Aaron has been gone a long time he whistles out to call Aaron back to the wood pile. Aaron hastily returns hauling fresh wood, with an extra hard piece bulging out of his jeans. When Josh realizes what’s been distracting Aaron, he offers to join in the fun.

It’s fur on fur as these two horny men grope and grab at each other, taking turns as they feed on each other. Aaron gets more than a mouthful when he reaches in for a helping of Josh’s monster bear cock. A giant cock like that deserves expert service, and Aaron is more than capable. Josh enjoys the service so much he rewards Aaron with a searing hot fuck. Bending him over a bale of hay, Josh takes that furry muscle butt. His long hard cock splits Aaron in two. Flipping Aaron over on his back, Josh dives in deep and to the hilt, fucking the daylights out of Aaron’s hot hole. Aaron strokes his aching cock as his ass is punished. When both guys are ready to explode they stand side by side and shoot together, dripping in sweat and spraying cum from their swollen cocks.

Categories: Anal, Hairy, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 27 min
Photo of Aaron Cage
Aaron Cage
Photo of Josh West
Josh West

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