Bulge Scene 4

Photo of Bulge Scene 4
Photo of Bulge Scene 4

Rough and rugged muscle-top Jack Dragon kicks back and enjoys his cigar as two jock strapped muscle boys Greg Wilson and Michael Troy worship him from head to toe. Starting at his feet they work their way up to Jack’s monster, muscled torso, massaging and groping big handfuls of thick, tattooed muscle. Working their way back down to that BULGE in Jack’s jock strap, they unleash Jack’s rock-hard, uncut cock for some full service treatment. Taking turns they suck every inch of that juicy dick as the other licks and strokes those smooth shaved balls. Turning around Jack lets these guys fight over a taste of his hot muscled ass as Greg and Michael give that hot hole a deep tongue rim job.

Getting aggressive, Jack takes Greg over his knee and smacks that ass with bare hands. Once that ass is red and sore he drives his cock deep inside. Greg is soon stuffed with cock on both ends, deep throating Michael’s swollen cock as Jack delivers a hard ass pounding from behind. Using every hole, Jack positions himself in front of Greg, force-feeding his cock as Greg takes a ride on Michael’s hot dick.

Then its Michaels turn to get stuffed with cock, bent over with Jack fucking his hot ass and Greg’s uncut cock rammed down his throat. Jack fucks that tight hole until he is ready to blow. Pulling out he delivers a steamy, nut busting load all over Michael’s hot sweaty ass while on the other end Greg is giving Michael a second helping of cum. Having taken every they have to give, Michael gets up and unleashes his load. Greg gets down on his knees and takes a hot spray of cum in the face.

Categories: Anal, Cigar/Smoking, Jerking Off, Jockstraps, Men, Muscle, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 21 min
Photo of Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson
Photo of Jack Dragon
Jack Dragon
Photo of Michael Troy
Michael Troy

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