Beg for It Scene 1

Photo of Beg for It Scene 1
Photo of Beg for It Scene 1

Lucky Daniels gets more than lucky, and a lot more than he bargained for when he stumbles into a warehouse full of heavy duty dungeon gear. With wide eyed curiosity he explores the cages, playing with the shackles and chains of this industrial sized playpen dungeon. But he soon finds he's not alone. As he enters a slave cage he hears a clink behind him. He turns his head as leather stud Vince Ferelli locks him in with an evil grin.

Lucky BEGS to be let out of the cage and says he'll do anything to be let out. Vince give a devilish smile, and the begging has only just begun.

Vince takes his sweet time manhandling this helpless and caged boy toy. He fondles that sweet tight ass, strips that boy naked and demands some dedicated cock worship. Lucky does as he’s told, hoping he can use his talented throat and his sweet hot boy-ass to get himself out of this cage.

Vince takes what he wants as he plows the eager boy butt from the outside of the cage. Lucky takes it like a good boy and does as he’s told until Vince has taken everything he wants. Eventually Vince offers to set him free, but only under one condition; he’s gotta fuck his way out. Vince frees Lucky and demands some boy dick, deep inside his hot and horny man-ass. It looks like his luck is finally turning around.

Categories: Anal, Bondage, Boys, Men, Muscle, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 36 min
Photo of Lucky Daniels
Lucky Daniels
Photo of Vince Ferelli
Vince Ferelli

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