Impulsive Scene 4

Photo of Impulsive Scene 4
Photo of Impulsive Scene 4

It’s a boy-meat picnic as two blonde boys make good use of a secluded picnic area. Scruffy Alex Summers opens the front of Alex Andrews’ jeans and helps himself to a mouthful of that juicy boy boner. With lots of kissing in between, these guys take turns kicking back and enjoying some mutual cock worship. Their big juicy dicks get plenty of deep throat love. Bent over the picnic table Alex S. is ready to get his hot boy butt pounded, and Alex A. sure does deliver a good pounding. Alex A. slaps that ass as he gives some cocky top talk. “You like that?” “Yeah take that dick” he says as Alex S. moans with pleasure. Alex A. drills that hole long and hard, his throbbing cock splitting that ass in two. Deep, fast and hard and jacking his buddy’s cock as he punishes that hot hole. With a climactic gush Alex A. pulls his cock out drenches his buddy with a gusher. And when he drains every last drop he gets behind his buddy, stroking his chest and grunting in his ear as Alex S. jerks off a hot and heavy load.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Oral, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 17 min
Photo of Alex Andrews
Alex Andrews
Photo of Alex Summers
Alex Summers

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