Uniform Men Scene 2

Photo of Uniform Men Scene 2
Photo of Uniform Men Scene 2

Decked out in his Army fatigues, Spencer grabs Samuel by the head and drives his face into his chest. Tearing holes in his shirt, Spencer’s hairy muscled chest busts through as Samuel licks and sucks at those rock-hard and hairy pecks. Spencer takes Samuel again by the head and forcefully drives him down to his crotch, demanding service. Samuel handles the rough treatment well and eagerly services his captain’s throbbing man-tool. “Get down there!” “Yeah suck that Cock!” Spencer demands as he tears off his torn shirt and flexes his muscles.

Shoving Samuel down onto the floor, Spencer puts his boot on Samuel's ripped abs and strokes up a thick batch. Samuel opens wide as Spencer shoots a hot load down on his face. A thick spray of dick juice lands on his tongue as he is showered in cum. The taste of Spencer’s hot cum gets Samuel off as he jacks his load all over Spencer’s army boots.

Categories: Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Posing/Flexing, Uniforms
Details: Jul 1, 2014 15 min
Photo of Samuel Colt
Samuel Colt
Photo of Spencer Reed
Spencer Reed

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