Fur Mountain Scene 5

Photo of Fur Mountain Scene 5
Photo of Fur Mountain Scene 5

Laying out in the sun, Damien Stone shows a hot ass in his tight yellow jock as he lays face down in the back yard. Burly Brad Kalvo notices that hot butt and moves in to help apply some oil to the bronzed furry butt cheeks. Applying oil turns into an extended full body massage, which makes both men very hard and very horny. Flipping over on his back, Damien’s cock is busting out of his jock. Brad strips out of his shorts and lies down with Damien for a hot, manly and bearded fur-on-fur session.

Damien feeds Brad his big swollen cock, slowly driving his cock deep down Brad’s throat. A long session of cock sucking has both men dripping with pre-cum, and swollen balls. Standing side by side they stroke as Damien can no longer hold off. A thick load of cum drains from his pulsing cock. Brad is close behind as a hot jet of cum flows from his cock, leaving thick streams of cum dripping from the head of his cock.

Categories: Hairy, Jerking Off, Jockstraps, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 16 min
Photo of Brad Kalvo
Brad Kalvo
Photo of Damien Stone
Damien Stone

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