Hangin' Out Scene 2

Photo of Hangin' Out Scene 2
Photo of Hangin' Out Scene 2

It’s a lazy day and hot and hairy Ricky Parks is Hangin’ Out around the house. He heads out to the back porch wearing only a skimpy pair of briefs and stretches his muscles in the full light of day. Being outside and nearly naked is a big turn on for Ricky and those skimpy briefs do a lot to show off his hard and hairy body. He takes his chances knowing that a neighbor might be watching and teasingly he lowers his briefs, showing off his hot muscled ass.

The exhibitionist teasing has Ricky so hot he needs to take matters into his own hands. Heading back indoors Ricky indulges in a long and enjoyable session of self satisfaction. Playing with his cock he slowly strips away his briefs. Stroking himself to the edge Ricky teases us every inch of the way to a hot and explosive climax.

Categories: Hairy, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Outdoors, Solo, Underwear/Bathing Suit
Details: Jul 1, 2014 26 min
Photo of Ricky Parks
Ricky Parks

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