Bulge Scene 2

Photo of Bulge Scene 2
Photo of Bulge Scene 2

Locked in a cage, beefy muscle hunk Max Summers is taunted by 2 big dicked studs. Shaking the cage and waving their un-cut cocks in his face, Nick Nolan and Thai Mattox decide it’s time to release their captive for a head to toe work over. Released from the cage Max is the center of attention as hands and open mouths cover every inch of his smooth muscled body. Max’s cock, mouth and butt are used like sex toys as Thai and Nick take their pleasures where they want them.

Getting Max down on all fours, Nick and Thai stuff him from both ends; Nick pounding that hot hole as Thai gives a force feeding of thick un-cut cock. Taking turns at either end they turn Max on his back as they drill and fill every open hole. One by one they shoot, massive loads sprayed all over their spent beefy bottom. And when Max is covered in 2 juicy loads, his own steamy load is added to the mix.

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Bondage, Jerking Off, Muscle, Oral, Rimming, Threeway
Details: Jul 1, 2014 29 min
Photo of Max Summers
Max Summers
Photo of Nick Nolan
Nick Nolan
Photo of Thai Mattox
Thai Mattox

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