Photo of BODYGUARDS - Scene 2
Photo of BODYGUARDS - Scene 2

Later in the day we see Mark in an outdoor lounge chair spilling over some important paperwork, pouring over the latest market numbers, trying to make sense of the current trends. Julian comes by to check with his boss before leaving for the day. It’s 5pm and Julian needs to get to the gym for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. Mark is a very supportive his BODYGUARD and his body building lifestyle. He wishes aloud to himself that he had more time to spend at the gym. As Mark tries to re-focus his attention to the pages in his hands he finds himself overcome with exhaustion. As he drifts off in his chair his last thoughts are of the gym and how good it would be to have sometime to work out. And if the typical visit to the gym is anything like what we are treated to next, we can see why Mark would want to get back there as often as possible.

We now see Mark in the gym, pushing it to the limit in what looks like an intense muscle pounding workout. His trainer is straddled above him giving him the encouragement and motivation he needs to pump out a few extra incline bench presses. Nearby a couple of gym regulars are also hitting the iron hard and it seems everyone is feeding off each others energy and pushing themselves to keep up. As Mark completes his last rep he is given encouragement from his trainer for his hard work and increased strength. With the workout coming to a close the nearby gym buddies come by the shoot the breeze a talk about an upcoming bodybuilding expo. Surrounded by pumped up muscle and with all this bodybuilding talk the sexual energy is about to boil over. When one of Mark’s gym buddies makes the first move the boiling point explodes and all four of these men let loose and give each other the extra release they still need.
Sweat soaked clothes begin to hit the floor. Mark, still in position in the incline bench, finds he is at just at the right level to feel and taste that prize that until now was hidden away in his trainer’s shorts. Soon Mark is surrounded as his gym buddies move in for some of what Mark has been eagerly giving his trainer. Mark is quick to oblige and readily works on each of his buddy’s thick and meaty cocks. Soon enough Mark finds one of his gym buddies down on his cock, sucking every sweaty inch. This four-way is well underway and promises to be a nut buster before its over.

Mark’s trainer shows he can give as good as he takes and he’s about to give one of these gym buddy’s one hell of a cock workout. This bodybuilder can’t help but look down in amazement as his friend’s trainer goes to town on his huge uncut meat. It’s a mouthwatering sight but from the trainer’s point of view it’s all muscle and man-meat, which seems to send him over the edge into a cock-sucking frenzy.

Meanwhile Mark has found a new position on the incline bench and his hot blonde gym buddy has his face buried in his hot manly ass, licking deep into his tight puckering hole. It’s quite a view back for his lucky gym buddy who licks and explores his inviting hole. Mark’s ample balls and juicy cock dangling just inches below.

Checking back with the trainer we find his new muscle laden buddy is now on his back, his super thick legs up and spread wide. He’s ready to take some trainer cock up his thick beefy ass and that’s exactly what he gets. You’ll wish you were a camera man because the view is just eye popping.

Like the workout that preceded it, these guys feed off each other and before long both pairs of muscle buddies are fucking away…on the floor…on the bench….on all fours….on their backs, and in a blink of an eye these guys trade off fuck partners and Mark’s ass gets a bonus work out from his trainers hard cock. Makes you wonder if all their work outs end this way.

We can’t be sure if this is all a dream, but then again who cares, as long as we get to watch. If it is a dream, then it is definitely Mark’s dream because he is the lucky middle-man in of one hot fuck-sandwich. With his trainer delivering the pounding from below and his big bodybuilder buddy taking a ride on his cock from above you’d think he would never want to wake up. These guys continue to plow each other every which way you can imagine until one by one each of these guys pop the load of a lifetime. All the pumping, sweating and pounding ultimately payoff in whir of cum, sweat and muscle.

Later as we watch Mark unwind in the shower, we know he had one hell of a good workout. He should definitely get to the gym more often.

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Details: Oct 1, 2014 25 min
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