Estate of Man Scene 3

Photo of Estate of Man Scene 3
Photo of Estate of Man Scene 3

Is there anything better than hot outdoor sex? Horny stud Win Soldier is feeling fine as he lounges in the yard wearing only his jock strap and sipping some wine. Nearby his muscle buddy Joe Justice is hard at work trimming the bushes. Win decides it’s time for his muscle buddy to take a little play break. He reaches over, pulls Joe close and plants a big wet open mouth kiss on him. Joe drops his shears and gives in to Win’s aggressive grabbing, groping and kissing.

Win reaches into Joe’s shorts and helps himself to a mouthful of Joe’s rock hard uncut cock. Win takes out his own hefty tool and lets Joe play with his uncut monster. Making full use of the lawn furniture Joe climbs up on top of Win for a hot 69 suck-fest. Joe swallows every inch of Win’s jawbreaker as Win enjoys a face-full of hot cock.

Win puts Joe in a position that gives him full access to that hot ass. Diving in face first Win licks, probes and slaps that hot ass, getting it all wet and lubed up to take his big cock. And with a hard thrust Win drives his cock in deep. Punishing Joe’s ass from the first thrust Win gives delivers a hard ass-pounding. Deep moans fill the air as Joe takes an all-out power fuck from behind. Once his ass has been broken in, Joe climbs up for a wild ride on that big cock, taking it to the hilt. Fucking in a variety of ass punishing positions Win draws closer and closer to the edge. As the fuck-frenzy reaches a boiling point Win pulls out in the very last second and sprays a pent up load all over Joe’s smooth muscled chest. Feeling the hot cum splatter on his chest sets Joe’s cock on fire as he erupt a hot thick load of cum.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Big Dick, Jerking Off, Jockstraps, Oral, Outdoors, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 21 min
Photo of Joe Justice
Joe Justice
Photo of Win Soldier
Win Soldier

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