Photo of HARD STUDIES Scene 3
Photo of HARD STUDIES Scene 3

Brian and Park meet at their local watering hole, and Park soon heads to the backroom to join several “Mr. Right Nows”, while Brian holds out for Mr. Right. The “Mr. Right Nows” are Buckshot Men Diego La Hoya, Alex Cobel and Ken Browning. They’re having a three-way, and don’t even notice as Park joins in by taking an unsucked cock in his mouth. Seamlessly, in the fluidity of backrooms, it’s an instant four-way. Big Ken Browning is on the bottom, doing his best to entertain all partners. In ever changing combinations, he does... including the voyeurs that viewers feel they are right there, just like flies on the wall, only with a better view.

Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Jockstraps, Oral, Rimming
Details: Oct 1, 2014 24 min
Photo of Alex Cobel
Alex Cobel
Photo of Diego De La Hoya
Diego De La Hoya
Photo of Ken Browning
Ken Browning
Photo of Park Wiley
Park Wiley

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