Impulsive Scene 5

Photo of Impulsive Scene 5
Photo of Impulsive Scene 5

Clean boys doing dirty things. Our Buckshot motto springs to mind as we join hunky-stud Dylan Roberts in an open faced public shower. Cleaning up nicely, Dylan takes extra care when cleaning his prized uncut tool. Stopping in to use the facilities, dark and sexy Dante Sabel catches an eyeful of a naked stud in the shower and isn’t shy about checking him out. Without any inhibition Dante steps into the shower fully clothed to steal a hot and wet kiss from Dylan. Wasting no time Dante works his way down Dylan’s wet muscular body, licking every inch of that smooth muscled torso until he arrives at that juicy piece of uncut manhood between Dylan’s legs. Helping Dante out of those wet clothes Dylan finds himself down on his knees and soon has his mouth filled with Dante’s meaty black cock. Ass, balls, big juicy cocks… these guys give each other a thorough going over, making sure to get every sexy body part extra squeaky clean. Talk about wet and wild.

And when every inch is squeaky clean, Dante and Dylan go for the final rinse. Dante blows first, sending a hot white load dripping from his throbbing cock. Dylan adds his own special lotion to the mix and strokes up a thick and creamy batch of cum. Now that’s a shower!

Categories: Boys, Jerking Off, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 16 min
Photo of Dante Sabel
Dante Sabel
Photo of Dylan Roberts
Dylan Roberts

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