Lotus Scene 3

Photo of Lotus Scene 3
Photo of Lotus Scene 3

Lucky Daniels tops Ricky Martinez - Deep in meditation, Lucky Daniels clears his mind in search of a higher state of consciousness. As his mind is free to explore its passions his body awakens to the sensuous touch of Ricky Martinez. The feel of skin on skin, hot lips pressed against each other, passions rising higher to a state of pure bliss as Ricky feeds his soul with the deep and satisfying pleasures of sucking cock.

In an altered state Lucky’s thick and pulsating cock becomes the center of his being, like an endless fountain of energy that needs release. Taking the lead he bends Ricky over and begins releasing that energy, deep into Ricky’s hot and sexy ass. As he penetrates Ricky he ignites a fire of a thousand suns as both men burn in a searing hot fuck that transcends time and space.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Oral, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 18 min
Photo of Lucky Daniels
Lucky Daniels
Photo of Ricky  Martinez
Ricky Martinez

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