Photo of BROTHERHOOD Scene 3
Photo of BROTHERHOOD Scene 3

Brother Waldman returns to the house to beg Chandler to call off his plan, only to discover that the wheels are already in motion. Brother Chandler discovers Yokum (Buckshot Man Dean Phoenix) nursing a bruised ego and blue balls after being turned away by a girlfriend that could not handle his massive cock. Always quick to act on his “anything for a brother” attitude Chandler suggests self- sucking as an alternative to a fickle girlfriend. After a warm up blowjob to get his massive cock to its full size, Yokum finds himself splayed across the dining room table being coached into an amazing self suck performance. Chandler finishes the job with an intense rimjob that gives him a bird’s eye view of Yokum’s intense self-facial cumshot.

Categories: Ass Play, Big Dick, Oral, Rimming
Details: Oct 1, 2014 14 min
Photo of Danny Roddick
Danny Roddick
Photo of Dean Phoenix
Dean Phoenix

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