Fresh Off the Vine Scene 2

Photo of Fresh Off the Vine Scene 2
Photo of Fresh Off the Vine Scene 2

Topher DiMaggio tops Devon Hunter - Long summer days with plenty of hot summer sun, the perfect climate for growing the perfect grapes. It’s also the perfect recipe for a lazy day of hot naked fun in the pool. Buckshot Buddies Topher DiMaggio and Devon Hunter enjoy the lazy pace of summer as they bask in the sun, enjoying the cool water of the pool, some chilled wine and each other’s hot naked bodies. Feeling so good, Topher reaches out and indulges himself a heaping handful of Devon’s hot bubble butt. Stripping away Devon’s bathing suit, Topher gives his buddy full service, relaxation treatment, including a sensuous massage, a slow and sloppy blow-job and some hot teasing of Devon’s tight boy hole.

Intoxicated by the glorious combination of sun, wine and hot sex, Devon returns the favor and gives Topher’s long, hard cock some much needed love. Licking, sucking and stroking Topher’s big piece of meat, Devon gets that cock rock hard and ready for some serious fucking. Getting into position Devon lets his hot ass take care of satisfying that hard and throbbing cock.

A slow and steady fuck rhythm slowly builds steam as Topher plows deeper and harder with every thrust. Jacking Devon’s raging hard cock he continues to drill and plow that hot boy-hole as Devon groans with delight. The tension slowly builds, taking them to the edge and ready to blow. Devon lets it all go, jacking every last drop from his cum swollen balls as his ass continues to get plowed. After his boy has had his moment in the sun, Topher lets loose his own cum gushing release. Drenched and drained these guys settle in and enjoy the feel good vibes of summer.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 24 min
Photo of Devon Hunter
Devon Hunter
Photo of Topher DiMaggio
Topher DiMaggio

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