Photo of WATERBUCKS 2 Scene 4
Photo of WATERBUCKS 2 Scene 4

Scene 4 (the grand finale) features COLT Men Tom Chase and Skye Woods. It is here that director Rutherford breaks away from the classical setting and brings us clearly into the 21st century, as the aspect is turned 180 degrees and we see a house, an American flag, and even a bottle of suntan lotion beneath the chair that Tom Chase is lounging on. However, Tom’s legendary huge member and Skye’s giant physique are nearly primal. It begins with Skye slowly approaching from the middle of the pool, as Tom is sunbathing. He slowly emerges like an animal prowling after Tom’s massive cock, which is still trapped in his trunks. Skye begins to massage and work Tom over. They kiss tenderly, while not distracting Skye from the heavy duty job that awaits him. In this climatic scene, this big man is going to take on one of the biggest cocks on video. Skye teases Tom with the massive pair of boulders that make up his ass and he continues to suck Tom until he is hard and ready to do what he came there to do. Tom takes control of the powerfully built Skye and explores his body on the lounge chair, and takes him to poolside where they continue to suck each other off, explore each other’s bodies and kissing. We cut to Skye taking Tom’s massive, cock- ringed dick up his ass. Tom plows the extraordinarily flexible Skye, who sprays cum on his own rock hard abs. Tom then turns Skye around to hose down his ass crack with a huge orgasm. Tom then licks Skye’s ass clean of his own cum before they appear to fall asleep next to the pool.

Categories: Big Dick, Cowboy, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Underwear/Bathing Suit
Details: Oct 1, 2014 22 min
Photo of Skye Woods
Skye Woods
Photo of Tom Chase
Tom Chase

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