California Boys Scene 6

Photo of California Boys Scene 6
Photo of California Boys Scene 6

California Boys live life on their own schedule. Usually it’s their hard and horny cocks that get them stirring out of bed in the morning. Blonde boys Cameron Marshall and Alex Andrews are no exception. Lazily they stir in the morning with hard, raging cocks and only one thing on their minds.

As Alex gets out of bed to take a look out the window at what looks like a beautiful California day, Cameron strokes his morning wood as he checks out Alex’s hot naked ass. Alex is hard and ready too, and when he sees Cameron is up and ready he jumps back into bed and feasts on that stiff cock. It’s a hearty and nutritious breakfast of boy meat as they take turns eating each other up.

As they grind their cocks against each other, the urge to fuck quickly settles in. Alex climbs up on top of Cameron and feels that long hard piece of meat slap up against his hole. Sitting back Alex takes it deep. Cameron thrusts as Alex rides his ass to the hilt. Using the bed posts like a jungle gym Alex treats his ass like a sex toy, jacking off Cameron’s hot cock with his tight boy butt.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Jerking Off, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 23 min
Photo of Alex Andrews
Alex Andrews
Photo of Cameron Marshall
Cameron Marshall

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