Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 1

Photo of Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 1
Photo of Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 1

Jeremy Bilding Tops Gavin Waters - Showing up at the Stud Ranch shirtless and ready for some hot action, Jeremy Bilding asks Dayton O'Connor if his “order is ready”? Making his way into the barn he finds what he came for. Tied up and left hanging upside-down by his boots from a rafter, Buckshot Stud Gavin Waters helplessly awaits. Gavin begs repeatedly to be cut down, saying he will do anything… and Jeremy takes full advantage of the situation. “Will you suck my dick?” he asks with a wide grin, as his ample bulge hovers directly in front of Gavin’s face. Gavin realizes his predicament and is eager to please; he’s willing to do anything to be cut down. Unleashing that big cock, Jeremy feeds his meat to Gavin who does his best to please.

Satisfied with the service he's received, Jeremy offers to cut Gavin down, but promises to make him work for it. Once freed Gavin gets on his knees and makes good on his promise. Worshiping that big cock Gavin shows he isn’t afraid to get dirty. Going the extra mile to please he turns and offers his hot ass for the taking. Bending that boy butt over a bale of hay, Jeremy gets down to business. Taking that ass Jeremy plows his tool deep, getting the job done right. He lets Gavin ride his cock like a cowboy rides a Bucking Bronco. Like two bulls in heat these guys really go at it, fucking the day away. And at the end of a long, hard day of milking cocks and fucking ass, it’s time to take a load off… a big fat dick draining load!

Categories: Anal, Bondage, Boys, Cowboy, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 30 min
Photo of Gavin Waters
Gavin Waters
Photo of Jeremy Bilding
Jeremy Bilding

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