Photo of CASTING COUCH - Scene 2
Photo of CASTING COUCH - Scene 2

Scene 2 is in the middle of a road, where Roland Dane meets Mickey to pick up the script and tells him about a press conference. We cut to the press conference where Brian Hansen, Roland Dane and Mickey announce that “Jake Farmer” will be starring in their new series. Behind them is the network logo, with a “Jake Farmer” headshot, that happens to be Brad Patton. A reporter, played by Jose Ganetti, asks a question about Jake Farmer’s salary, and there other personal questions about the sex scandal the tabloids have reported, which Hansen declines to address. As the press conference concludes, Ganetti hangs behind to approach Hansen about doing an in-depth interview with Jake Farmer.

There is a brief discussion between Ganetti and Hansen, with Mickey present. The three immediately strip down and Hansen gives both men blow jobs. Then Hansen is rimmed by Ganetti, while being sucked by Mickey. They switch around so Ganetti is sucking off Mickey, as Hansen is working over Ganetti. They switch again to Mickey sitting on Ganetti’s dick, while Hansen plays with Mickey’s cock and gets a blow job from Ganetti. Then, for a big finale to the scene, Hansen is sandwiched between Mickey and Ganetti and is double penetrated! The scene resolves with Hansen getting gang banged in a head stand, and he cums in this position. Ganetti shoots on Hansen and Mickey fucks Hansen some more before he shoots a BIG load.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Business Suit, Double Penetration, Oral, Threeway
Details: Oct 1, 2014 21 min
Photo of Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen
Photo of Jose Ganetti
Jose Ganetti
Photo of Paulo Mickey
Paulo Mickey

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