Photo of BODYGUARDS - Scene 3
Photo of BODYGUARDS - Scene 3

Back at the Villa, BODYGUARD Fernando is waiting for the return of his boss. The stress of his job combined with his grueling bodybuilding regimen has him in a bad state. Knowing what his body needs he is quick to summon Gabor, the house masseur. Gabor is right there and immediately seems to know what to do with his hands. Gabor has a sensual touch its only moments before this goliath of a BODYGUARD is putty in his hands. Hard putty that is. Opening Fernando’s shirt. Gabor goes right to work massaging and licking those gigantic peck muscles. The clothes come off both men one by one as Gabor continues to work his magic on Fernado’s hard chiseled body, being sure to give an appropriate amount of attention to his beautiful and hard cock and balls. A man who works to keep his body in this condition definitely deserves a massage like this.

As enjoyable as it is to kick back and receive a hand and throat massage, Fernando becomes too turned on to lie back any longer. Before he knows it, Gabor is the one on the couch getting his naked body worked over. Fernando seems to swallow Gabor whole as he greedily sucks the masseur’s nice cock. But the real target of Fernando’s lust quickly becomes Gabor’s hot hole. Fernando dives in and makes a meal out of Gabor’s sweet ass. Fernando’s tongue is doing all the work now and Gabor’s willing ass seems to be begging for its own deep tissue massage. But Fernando still hasn’t gotten his fill of tasting that sweet ass and feeling his fingers slide gently into that hot moist hole. Then Gabor finally gets that man-tool deep inside him and not a moment too soon. These guys are locked in and loaded for a tension releasing fuck session that is sure to have a happy ending.

Fernando’s immense size is even more impressive when you see him looming over his smaller but well built fuck partner. Gabor jacks his hard cock in what looks to be a state of ecstasy as this massive top stud plows his cock at a furious pace deep into his accepting ass. Gabor looks to be enjoying this so much that Fernando decides it is now his turn for that deep tissue massage and the tables turn again and Gabor is now in the driver’s seat.

Bent over the couch we see Fernado’s ass taking a good hard boning from behind. It’s clear his ass muscles are now ready for some real deep tissue work. Gabor delivers on his promise to give this BODYGUARD what he needs. Fernando must have been very tense because once they get going it seems Fernando can’t get fucked hard or deep enough. Gabor is a professional and he gives Fernando as much hard ass fucking as it takes to really get all the tension out. Lucky for us this might take a while. Every position these guys get in seems to defy gravity as Gabor fucks deeper and harder with every thrust. You will be jealous of the lucky leather couch before long. As Gabor pile drives his hard as a rock cock deeper and deeper into Fernando’s split open ass. The rhythm locks in and intesifies and soon these guys are gushing huge ropes of hot manly cum. That’s when gravity re-assert as every bucket sized drop falls down and across Fernando’s heaving body below. As this scene fades to black you know these guys have reached another level of consciousness.

Categories: Anal, Flip/Flop, Men, Muscle, Oral
Details: Oct 1, 2014 20 min
Photo of Fernando Nielsen
Fernando Nielsen
Photo of Orlando Toro
Orlando Toro

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