HOOKED UP - Scene 1

Photo of HOOKED UP - Scene 1
Photo of HOOKED UP - Scene 1

HOOKED UP starts off with an eyeful as Dom Camillo and Jose Ganetti get the action started with a shirts-off, mano-a-mano pose off. Each guy displays for the camera his hard muscled physique. With a cocky smirk they hit their poses, showing it off and strutting their stuff. There is plenty of muscle on display and the camera takes pleasure zooming in to get a closer look at their finely sculpted bodies, every inch a masterpiece of hard defined muscle.

The pose off is a draw so it’s down to a true test of manhood. Toe to toe, eye to eye Dom and Jose lock horns in the ultimate test of strength - arm-wrestling. The test of strength seems at a stand still when inch by inch, Dom seems to gain a slight edge. Coming over the top, with all his might he takes the match - and to the victor goes the spoils. Dom leans over the table to get a taste of his prize. Locking lips with his worthy opponent, Jose willingly gives back and a whole new game is on.

Dom kicks back, removing his pants with a little help from his buddy. Jose positions himself on his knees and gets working on Dom’s sturdy dick, his hands appreciating Dom’s hard and furry body. Stroking and licking, Jose quickly brings Dom’s flag-pole to full mast.

Jose then ditches his pants as well and it’s clear that these guys are evenly matched in almost every way. Dom is quick to help himself as he devours Jose’s juicy uncut meat. It’s a give and take suck-fest as these guys take each other on, taking turns slurping down the inches of their hard sprung cocks.

As they get down and dirty, doing it on the floor, Jose turns on his side and lifts one leg in the air, offering to take Dom’s long pipe in the ass. Dom gets right on it and slides his raging cock up and in, splitting Jose’s sweet ass like a hot knife through butter. Side by side in a hot animalistic fuck frenzy, Jose gets his ass penetrated good, all the while jacking his juiced up dick.

Jose wants it deeper so moves to a near by sofa, props himself on all fours with his ass ready to take it hard from behind. Dom mounts up and dives in, deep and hard, riding Jose’s sweet tight ass.

Dom’s cock feels so good in Jose’s ass, Jose can’t get enough. He wants it deeper and harder. He pounds his own ass up and down on the long meaty shaft of Dom’s rock hard cock, his ass gobbling up every inch as he works his own dick to a juicy, gushing explosion of cum. His hard meat squirts as he pounds away, riding hard on that cock as he lets loose.

As Jose lets out his last drop Dom then furiously jacks his own meat to another explosive climax. Jose has just enough time to get on his knees to worship Dom’s hairy chest and abs as the steamy fluid splatters. These guys don’t let up until they are drenched in their own fluids.

Categories: Anal, Oral, Posing/Flexing, Rimming
Details: Oct 1, 2014 18 min
Photo of Dom Camillo
Dom Camillo
Photo of Jose Ganetti
Jose Ganetti

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