Photo of LEGENDARY BODIES 2 - Scene 1
Photo of LEGENDARY BODIES 2 - Scene 1

A hot summer day, an inviting outdoor pool and a luxurious manor estate serve as the backdrop for big muscles on display. COLT Man Johnny Cruise arrives on the scene sporting jeans and a bulging-tight tank top. He quickly realizes he is wearing far too many clothes and strips down to his swimsuit, letting his fine sculpted physique bask in the hot summer sun.

As he applies tanning lotion, Johnny lovingly massages each rippling muscle to a fine glistening sheen. Muscles flex and contract in a symphony of movement as this bronzed god hits pose after pose, displaying a body of steel shining in the sun. As he steps out of his swimsuit we are treated to the full glory of a body at the peak of perfection.

Categories: Men, Muscle, Posing/Flexing, Solo
Details: Oct 1, 2014 37 min
Photo of Johnny Cruise
Johnny Cruise

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