Photo of MUSCLE RANCH - Scene 2
Photo of MUSCLE RANCH - Scene 2

The air is charged with anticipation as Jake Tanner arrives at the ranch for his first day. Showing up a little earlier than expected, Jake finds a comfortable spot on nearby bench to strip of his shirt and settle back for a bit of shut eye. When Ed finds his new ranch hand sprawled out and bare chested on the bench, he leans in for a closer look - and a lick. Daringly Ed gets very personal with this sleeping stud and moves in for an open mouth kiss. Jake rouses and eagerly kisses back as his monster tool bursts from his jeans. Taking Jake out behind the barn, Ed breaks his new ranch hand in with a throat fucking workout. Needless to say, Jake makes a great first impression with the new boss.

Categories: Big Dick, Cowboy, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Vault
Details: Dec 15, 2014 11 min
Photo of Ed Dinakos
Ed Dinakos
Photo of Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner

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