Photo of LEGENDARY BODIES - Erik King
Photo of LEGENDARY BODIES - Erik King

On a hot summer day Erik takes some time to work on his tan. As Erik applies the oil, he enjoys the look and feel of his own hard body. He lovingly rubs and caresses the rippling surface of his abs, the thickness of his legs, his bulging round shoulders. After getting oiled up, he strips down to his thong and gets to work cleaning the pool. With Roman columns lining the pool area, Erik looks like Apollo as he makes his way around the pool area. Getting quite hot, he removes his bathing suit and enjoys a refreshing cool-down with a nearby garden house. Water cascades over every inch of his hard body before joining the pool water. With the pool cleaned, his hot body nice and wet, Erik reclines poolside, letting his nude body suck up the rays. And we suck up the view!

Categories: Men, Muscle, Outdoors, Solo, Underwear/Bathing Suit, Vault
Details: Dec 15, 2014 12 min
Photo of Erik King
Erik King

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