Hard Drive Scene 4

Photo of Hard Drive Scene 4
Photo of Hard Drive Scene 4

Revved up and horny, Spencer Fox is in the middle of a serious jack off session. Stripped naked on the bed he beats his monster meat. Meanwhile two young studs, Jessie Jordan and Jake Lyons are sneaking a peek through the bedroom window. When Spencer glances up, he catches them watching him as he strokes his cock. But he doesn’t stop, he lets them watch, giving them a good show before he waves them inside to join him. Jessie and Jake strip naked and jump into bed. Spencer kicks back and lets these guys eat him whole. It’s a suck fest and Spencer is the center of attention as his big tool is greedily fought over between Jessie and Jake. With one guy swallowing his dick and the other licking his balls, Spencer is soon ready to fuck some ass. A very limber Jessie gets in the middle. Spencer splits his hot ass from behind as Jake swallows his swollen cock.

After Jessie takes a hard pounding, Jake takes a turn and rides Spenser’s juicy cock. It’s a fuck frenzy as Spencer punishes two hot young asses. Getting back in the driver’s seat he fucks Jessie’s tight boy hole, drilling him missionary style. Jake watches as Jessie’s ass is split in two. Overheating, akes blows a thick and creamy load on Jessie’s chest. As his cum erupts he sets off some major fireworks. Jessie blows next, exploding cum as his ass continues to get punished. And finally, once he has satisfied two horny young dudes, Spencer gets his rocks off. Pounding his pulsating cock he drains his dick all over Jessie.

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Boys, Oral, Threeway
Details: Jul 1, 2014 22 min
Photo of Jake Lyons
Jake Lyons
Photo of Jessie Jordan
Jessie Jordan
Photo of Spencer Fox
Spencer Fox

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