Hard Drive Scene 2

Photo of Hard Drive Scene 2
Photo of Hard Drive Scene 2

It’s a busy day of moving boxes into storage as the young and sexy Jake Lyons trips, spilling all the contents of his box in front of cute boy Jessie Jordan. With the contents of the box are revealed, both guys are wide eyed as they see a healthy stash of Buckshot magazines and all guy-on-guy movies spill out in front of them. Curiously flipping through the magazines, Jake opens up a page, shows his buddy and asks “is yours this BIG”? As they continue flipping pages the bulges in their jeans grow bigger, Jake asks “are you hard”? Jessie opens up his jeans and shows his buddy just how hard he is. Jessie says “why don’t you show me yours”. Both guys pull out their impressive cocks and start stroking for each other. Jessie asks if Jake has ever sucked a cock before. When he says he hasn’t, Jessie asks “wanna give it a try”?

Jake moves in and takes his first ever mouthful of big, juicy boy cock. Turns out he is a natural, as he greedily gulps down on Jessie’s foot-long dick. Stripping off their jeans and getting down and dirty they suck and stroke each other, releasing all that pent-up, horny boy energy. Jessie goes down on Jake’s impressive uncut tool, getting playful with the foreskin as he gobbles up that cock. And cock isn’t the only thing Jake tastes for the first time. Giving in to his curiosity he buries is face in Jessie’s cute, tight ass and gets his first taste of boy butt. As the excitement builds the guys jack off side by side, eyeballing each other as healthy young boy-loads spew into the air.

Categories: Big Dick, Boys, Oral, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 20 min
Photo of Jake Lyons
Jake Lyons
Photo of Jessie Jordan
Jessie Jordan

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