A Man's View Scene 2

Photo of A Man's View Scene 2
Photo of A Man's View Scene 2

Taking a mid-day tea break, Athletic hunk Jamie Blyton reads his paper, casually looking out one of the many windows of his study overlooking the city. Something catches his eye as Jamie notices a naked, muscular stud stroking his big dick in a nearby window. Distracted by the sight, Jamie spills his tea on his pants and soon finds himself completely naked and there with his monster uncut cock standing at full attention. Naked and aroused Jamie watches the stud stroking at the window as he grips his man-tool tight. With a cock that requires two hands for adequate stroking, Jamie turns his attention to his own thick piece of man-meat. Hours spent milking his large cock by the window has Jamie's smooth-muscled body on fire and ready to explode. The fireworks unleash as his raging cock erupts with a hot load shooting high up on his chest, drenching his torso in white steamy cum.

Categories: Big Dick, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Posing/Flexing, Solo, Uncut, Voyeur/Exhibitionism
Details: Apr 23, 2015 35 min
Photo of Jamie Blyton
Jamie Blyton

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