MAN TO MAN HEAT 2 - The Pick-Up

Photo of MAN TO MAN HEAT 2 - The Pick-Up
Photo of MAN TO MAN HEAT 2 - The Pick-Up

Champ Stevens is a horny chauffeur driving the Rolls Royce back to the estate. En Route he spies a sexy biker (Wellesley Peterson) parked roadside. Pulling over for a chat, Champ decides to invite this stud to follow him back to the estate for some man-on-man fun. Once there, these men waste no time getting naked and getting very familiar with each other. Getting lost in all the sucking and rimming, neither of them even notice their master of the house (Mark Valentine) has come to get a closer look. Once these three men come together, a wild outside suck and fuck session gets hot. Champ the chauffeur is sure to get his bonus for bringing home the meat.

Categories: Men, Oral, Outdoors, Pre-Condom, Rimming, Threeway, Vault
Details: Dec 15, 2014 15 min
Photo of Champ Stevens
Champ Stevens
Photo of Mark Valentine
Mark Valentine
Photo of Wellesley Peterson
Wellesley Peterson

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