Big Buddies Scene 2

Photo of Big Buddies Scene 2
Photo of Big Buddies Scene 2

Stepping out on the deck of his vacation home, muscle-ripped Dallas Steele greets the day with a beautiful view of Sonoma Valley. Dallas leisurely strolls down to the pool to check the temperature before heading to the outdoor shower on what promised to be gorgeous day. Stripping nude, Dallas' wet body glistens under the cool water. His thick cock still stiff with morning wood, Dallas takes his morning ritual to a nearby lounge chair and settles in for a sensuous morning stroke. His muscular body tightens as the deep stroking action hits its stride. Passionate moans fill the morning air as Dallas's scorching cock gushes with sweet relief.

Categories: Big Dick, Jerking Off, Muscle, Outdoors, Solo
Details: Jul 29, 2015 15 min
Photo of Dallas Steele
Dallas Steele

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