Buckshot Top Shots Volume 2

Photo of Buckshot Top Shots Volume 2
Photo of Buckshot Top Shots Volume 2

TOP SHOTS Volume 2 from Buckshot is a nut-busting collection of the most juicy, ball-draining cum shots from the Buckshot video library. Load after load after dick-squirting load, witness the endless Buckshot Boys’ explosions for your repeated pleasure. These Buckshot Boys are the cream of the crop.

Featuring the climactic eruptions from Buckshot movies: Fresh Off The Vine, Stud Ranch, Lucky Dreams, Hard Drive, Impulse, California Boys and Scored. Enjoy!

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Boys, Hairy, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Outdoors, Uncut
Details: Jan 14, 2016 27 min
Photo of Adrian Long
Adrian Long
Photo of AJ Irons
AJ Irons
Photo of Alex Andrews
Alex Andrews
Photo of Alex Eden
Alex Eden
Photo of Alex Summers
Alex Summers
Photo of Brandon Bangs
Brandon Bangs
Photo of Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones
Photo of Brock Richmond
Brock Richmond
Photo of Cameron Marshall
Cameron Marshall
Photo of Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels
Photo of Conner Habib
Conner Habib
Photo of Corey Martin
Corey Martin
Photo of Dante Sabel
Dante Sabel
Photo of Dayton O'Connor
Dayton O'Connor
Photo of Devin Moss
Devin Moss
Photo of Devon Hunter
Devon Hunter
Photo of Dominik Rider
Dominik Rider
Photo of Drake Wild
Drake Wild
Photo of Dylan Roberts
Dylan Roberts
Photo of Gavin Waters
Gavin Waters
Photo of Hayden Michaels
Hayden Michaels
Photo of Hayden Stephens
Hayden Stephens
Photo of Jacob Marteny
Jacob Marteny
Photo of Jake Lyons
Jake Lyons
Photo of Jay Roberts
Jay Roberts
Photo of Jeremy Bilding
Jeremy Bilding
Photo of Jessie Jordan
Jessie Jordan
Photo of Kevin Case
Kevin Case
Photo of Lucky Daniels
Lucky Daniels
Photo of Marc Dylan
Marc Dylan
Photo of Micah Andrews
Micah Andrews
Photo of Nick Ford
Nick Ford
Photo of Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch
Photo of Spencer Fox
Spencer Fox
Photo of Steve Vex
Steve Vex
Photo of Tommy DeFendi
Tommy DeFendi
Photo of Tommy Deluca
Tommy Deluca
Photo of Topher DiMaggio
Topher DiMaggio
Photo of Tristan Baldwin
Tristan Baldwin
Photo of Troy Collins
Troy Collins
Photo of Tucker Vaughn
Tucker Vaughn
Photo of Tyler Andrews
Tyler Andrews
Photo of Valentin Petrov
Valentin Petrov
Photo of Zac Blake
Zac Blake
Photo of Zach Alexander
Zach Alexander
Photo of Zack Randall
Zack Randall

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