Stiff Action Scene 3

Photo of Stiff Action Scene 3
Photo of Stiff Action Scene 3

The great outdoors, a secluded clearing in the woods, Trystian Bull finds the perfect get away location to unwind and release some tension. Clad only in a front lace athletic jock Trystian slowly indulges himself. Feeling the warm sun and the fresh air on his near naked body Trystian lets himself go. Working his way into that jock, he feels his cock growing firm at the touch. Slowly and sensually he enjoys the feel of his own touch. Stripping away the jock he settles in for more. Relaxing and letting his hands go where ever feels good.

Wandering hands slowly become more and more centered on the one part of his body that seems to need the most release; his thick uncut cock. Sprouting from between his legs his thick juicy cock demands attention. Stroking and squeezing and gently slapping his meat around, Trystian gets all worked up in a hurry. The stroking grows more steady, the pre-cum flows more freely, his breathing gets heavy as his balls begin to churn and swell. Working his thick meat and thinking of all the things that make him hot, Trystian feels the tension ready to blow. Spreading his legs wide, Trystian gives his cock a hard fist pounding. Bursting and busting out, he ejaculates a thick and creamy load. It’s a release that seems to all the right notes as the tension in his body gushes away in one big ball draining load.

Categories: Jerking Off, Jockstraps, Men, Outdoors, Solo
Details: Jul 1, 2014 14 min
Photo of Trystan Bull
Trystan Bull

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