Relief Scene 3

Photo of Relief Scene 3
Photo of Relief Scene 3

Stepping out on the back deck of a rustic country home mega-muscle hunk COLT Man Michael Buffalari takes advantage of his privacy. Wearing only his tight black COLT Basics briefs Michael stretches his leg and butt muscles and gives them a good hard flex. Teasingly he lowers the waistband of his briefs and shows off his tight muscular butt. Taking it all in, the camera pans from head to toe, giving us plenty of eye popping inspiration.

Lowering the waistband even more Michael teases us with glimpses of what lies beneath before finally steps out of his briefs and giving us the full body, hard muscled flex and stroke show we’ve been waiting for. And what a show it is. With a bottle of oil at hand Michael rubs the glistening oil into every rippling muscle, turning frequently to give us a mouthwatering view of his hot round ass and his hot and hairy man-hole.

Michael slowly starts focusing more and more on his throbbing hard cock. Slowly stroking and toying with his beautiful dick his balls slowly begin to swell. The slow stroking gets more intense as his body starts to tense. Michael lets out a deep grunt as cum begins to flow. Michael feels the sweet RELIEF as a pearly white stream of cum gushes from the head of his swollen cock. With a steady rhythm he strokes from base to tip until his balls are good and drained.

Categories: Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Outdoors, Posing/Flexing, Solo, Underwear/Bathing Suit
Details: Jul 1, 2014 17 min
Photo of Michael Buffalari
Michael Buffalari

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