Couples III Scene 1

Photo of Couples III Scene 1
Photo of Couples III Scene 1

From deep within the COLT Vault this never before seen footage burned and smoldered to see the light of day. The time has arrived for fresh eyes to witness the sight of these COLT Men as a spark of lust between them combusts into a big-bang of all night manly passion. A quiet night at home rarely stays quiet when two half naked COLT Men are shacked up together. When Cliff Turner enters the bedroom he finds Burt Miers lounging comfortably on the bed, clad in only a jock strap, a book in one hand and massaging his bulging pouch with the other. Reading time is over as Cliff moves in and takes the book from Burt’s hand. The two men are immediately in the hot zone as they lay into each other, their mouths locked together while greedy hands grab and explore every inch of manhood. The mutual intensity of their lust for each other is clear as Burt feeds on Cliff’s hard swollen cock from above while below Cliff enjoys the full weight of Burt’s bulging cock, balls and ass bearing down on him. Locked in a 69 position these men merge into a heaving mass of hot and hard writhing flesh as the sounds of man sex fill the room with grunts and groans. In a variety of positions these men latch on, tune in and become one. Each new position offers a whole new dimension of mutual pleasure as the temperature climbs higher and higher.

Categories: Anal, Men, Oral, Pre-Condom, Rimming, Underwear/Bathing Suit, Vault
Details: Jul 1, 2014 14 min
Photo of Burt Miers
Burt Miers
Photo of Cliff Turner
Cliff Turner

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