Bear Scene 4

Photo of Bear Scene 4
Photo of Bear Scene 4

A bear’s life isn’t all hard work. A quiet lull in the day finds muscle-bull Mac Vallint enjoying some rest in the sun. Idle hands soon find themselves very busy as Marc’s meaty bulge screams for some attention. Stripping away his shirt and pulling out his cock, Marc soon attracts some hot company. As if attracted to the scent of man-meat, rugged muscle-bear Bronson Gates arrives on the scene and circles in on his prey.

Bronson gets his paws on some of that thick muscle as he feeds Marc his rock hard cock. Leaning back with a cock in his mouth, Marc’s thick body looks so hot that Bronson has to get himself a taste. Going down he devours Marc’s thick meaty cock as Marc reaches around for a handful of Bronson’s bare-ass.

Stripping off the last bits of clothes these guys really eat each other up. Turning his attention back to Bronson’s hot muscled butt, Marc dives his face right in. Licking and probing that hot ass until it’s begging for more. Bending over a stump Bronson braces himself for a pounding. Marc thrust his cock in balls deep and from the first thrust it’s an all-out power-fuck. Getting down on all fours on the grass, Bronson takes it hard. Pummeling that ass makes Marc’s balls ache for release. Fucking himself to the tipping point Marc pulls out and gushes his load on Bronson’s arched back. And when his balls are drained he squats his ass down on Bronson’s face, giving Bronson that extra inspiration to help him shoot a nut buster.

Categories: Anal, Hairy, Men, Muscle, Oral, Outdoors, Rimming
Details: Jul 1, 2014 24 min
Photo of Bronson Gates
Bronson Gates
Photo of Marc Vallint
Marc Vallint

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