Ripped: No Pain All Gain Scene 1

Photo of Ripped: No Pain All Gain Scene 1
Photo of Ripped: No Pain All Gain Scene 1

Muscles! Hot, naked muscles! John Magnum has his share, and then some. Shirtless and sweaty he pumps his arms on the poolside patio, pounding out the reps with HUGE dumbbells in hand. Meanwhile, as COLT Man Danny Drake is cleaning the pool, he gets a full on view of John’s hot muscled flesh. Danny gets so distracted watching those muscles work that he loses his step, falling into the pool clothes and all. Quickly, John helps his friendly admirer out of the pool, hands him a towel and takes him inside to help him out of those wet clothes.

Once out of all those wet clothes, Danny is still shivering and cold. John knows just what to do to help get this muscle stud all warmed up. As he wraps his lips around Danny’s thick juicy cock, things get HOT in a hurry. Danny’s cock springs into action and he obviously loves the hot oral worship. Heavy groping and plenty of cock sucking gets these guys all worked up and in the mood for some serious fucking.

John stuffs his massive tool deep in Danny’s hot COLT Man ass, and a searing hot fuck is just what Danny needed to get rid of that cold wet chill. And when the action reaches a boiling point the hot loads of cum start flying, and things get very wet all over again.

Categories: Anal, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Oral
Details: Jul 1, 2014 23 min
Photo of Danny Drake
Danny Drake
Photo of John Magnum
John Magnum

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