Man Tricks Scene 4

Photo of Man Tricks Scene 4
Photo of Man Tricks Scene 4

Hot, sweaty and shirtless, two young hunks Marko Lebeau and Vince Lambert show off for each other and reaching into the front of their jeans for handfuls of fun. Vince takes things a little further and lowers his jeans, taking out his hard uncut meat he’s ready for some serious play time. Vince follows his lead, pulling out his hot cock he get to stroking.

Their eyes darting back and forth, each guy checks to see how his hefty meat measures up with his buddy’s. With equally impressive tools the stand side by side, pounding their hot cocks and checking out each other’s hot muscled asses. Vince gets down to business in a hurry. He lets loose, spilling a thick dick-draining load on the ground as he jacks himself off. Once again Marko is quick to follow Vince’s lead. With a loud groan Marko gushes a jet stream of cum. A big smile spreads across both their faces as they enjoy the sweaty afterglow of a hot mutual jerk off.

Categories: Boys, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 9 min
Photo of Marko Lebeau
Marko Lebeau
Photo of Vince Lambert
Vince Lambert

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