Bear Scene 2

Photo of Bear Scene 2
Photo of Bear Scene 2

Hard work and hard play is how these bears roll. While unloading a pick-up truck full of brush, muscle-cub Marko Lebeau gives black grizzly-bear Roman Wright some heavy signals. With his bulging crotch at Roman’s eye level, Marko grabs and strokes his growing cock, giving Roman a hard stare. Roman gives a big smile and helps himself to a grope. With all the brush unloaded, Roman moves in for a welcomed play break.

Stripping off Marko’s skimpy shorts, Roman feasts on that rock hard cock. Pulling out his own hefty meat Roman Climbs up on the truck bed and gives this cute cub a feeding. And when his swollen cock is fully juiced, Roman helps himself to some of that furry, beefy butt. Marko’s ass gets licked, probed and fingered as Roman gets that hole ready for a pounding.

Using the truck bed to their advantage, Marko lays on his back with is ass off the end of the truck, giving Roman the perfect angle to drive his big, black cock deep. Roman punishes that muscled ass as the heat between them builds. Climbing up into the back of the truck Roman lets cubby take a ride his Daddy cock. Marko is rock hard and stroking as he takes a joy ride on that thick meaty pole. Just as he is about to blow he stands up and hammers out a thick and juicy load all over Roman’s muscled and furry chest. Feeling that hot cum spray sets Roman off, unleashing his own steamy hot load.

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Details: Jul 1, 2014 19 min
Photo of Marko Lebeau
Marko Lebeau
Photo of Roman Wright
Roman Wright

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