Estate of Man Scene 2

Photo of Estate of Man Scene 2
Photo of Estate of Man Scene 2

As Enrico Belaggio is sunning himself out by the pool, muscle-bound hunk Zsolt struts onto the scene in his skimpy bathing suit to rinse off under the outdoor shower. Knowing he has attracted Enrico’s attention, Zsolt gives a sexy shower show, getting himself all wet as he shows off his muscles, gropes his growing bulge and gives intense hungry eye contact. Enrico enjoys the display and soon is stroking his own growing bulge. Zsolt steps out of the shower and moves right in. With lots of kissing and heavy petting Zsolt strips off Enrico’s suit and devours his hefty piece of uncut man-meat. Zsolt gives Enrico’s cock, balls and ass the full service oral treatment. Enrico also gets his mouth stuffed as he greedily gulps up Zsolt’s hard uncut dick.

With both their cocks throbbing and dripping wet, Enrico kicks back in the lounge chair as Zsolt gets on top and takes a ride on his cock. Zsolt drives his ass down hard on that cock, taking it to the hilt as he strokes his uncut meat. After a wild ride, Enrico gets in the driver’s seat and really gives Zsolt’s hot muscled ass some punishment. Drilling that ass in every ass splitting position he can think of, Enrico works up a big load. With Zsolt on his back, Enrico pile-drives his cock deep into that ass, pounding it hard until his cock is ready to explode. Pulling out as the cum is about to fly he drenches Zsolt in a thick spray of dick juice. Feeling that load as it lands on his skin sends Zsolt over the edge. Zsolt adds his own hot cum to the mix, covering himself in 2 hefty loads.

Categories: Anal, Jerking Off, Oral, Outdoors, Underwear/Bathing Suit
Details: Jul 1, 2014 26 min
Photo of Enrico Belaggio
Enrico Belaggio
Photo of Zsolt

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