BIG RIG Scene 1

Photo of BIG RIG Scene 1
Photo of BIG RIG Scene 1

The scenes of BIG RIG tell a story, as young Colby Taylor leaves his partner at a key party and goes off to find himself, or at least to find sex. In the very first scene he tries to interest his partner Eddie Mataro, but all Eddie wants to do is get ready for the random chances of sex at a key party where you pick your partner by choosing from among sets of keys. Poor Colby is left jacking off on the shower stall door earlier that day (which looks incredibly hot through the glass). At the Key Party, Colby gets disgusted and leaves Eddie to hit the road. Eddie, however, is hitting on Kristian Alvarez and Blake Nolan, and soon both big men are hitting back as Eddie services them both from the bottom in a spirited fashion. If Eddie’s thinking about his frustrated lover, he’s sure not showing it!

Categories: Anal, Men, Muscle, Oral, Threeway
Details: Oct 1, 2014 18 min
Photo of Blake Nolan
Blake Nolan
Photo of Eddy Mataro
Eddy Mataro
Photo of Kristian Alvarez
Kristian Alvarez

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