Photo of BROTHERHOOD Scene 4
Photo of BROTHERHOOD Scene 4

Brother Goodwin (Jorden Michaels), devout theology student and virginal Groom to be, returns to the house in time to witness the intense 5 way action that kicked off Brother Chandler’s sexual crusade. After witnessing the scene unfolding in front of him, the virgin Goodwin is no longer able to contain his carnal desires or his raging erection. Chandler, always there to lend a hand tells Goodwin exactly what he wants to hear, convincing him sex between brothers is no sin. To prove his point Chandler enlists the help of the O’Malley’s who first introduce Goodwin to the pleasure of brotherly love with a combination dual blow job and make out session, then really drive the point home with a three way ass pounding. Seeing his work is done, Chandler’s follows his mischievous grin and hard cock to his next objective.

Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Boys, Oral, Threeway
Details: Oct 1, 2014 22 min
Photo of Jorden Michaels
Jorden Michaels
Photo of Justin Burkshire
Justin Burkshire
Photo of Kurt Wild
Kurt Wild

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