Fresh Off the Vine Scene 4

Photo of Fresh Off the Vine Scene 4
Photo of Fresh Off the Vine Scene 4

Cameron Marshall tops Tucker Vaughn - It’s another long summer day in the vineyard with plenty of time to enjoy the good life. Cameron Marshall joins his buddy Tucker Vaughn on the patio, two big glasses of wine in hand and ready to catch some rays. Cameron offers Tucker a chilled glass of vino but first insists his buddy strip off those big bulky shorts. Tucker gives in, strips down to his bathing suit and kicks back in his tight skimpy bathing suit. Cameron likes the view and grabbing his hard cock he suggests they have a little fun. Tucker agrees as he joins his buddy on the lounge chair, helping himself to a mouthful of Cameron’s hard juicy dick. Kicking back, Cameron is treated to a blistering hot session of deep throated cock worship.

Sucking and stroking each other’s hard glistening cocks, sun drenched naked bodies turn up the heat as Cameron turns his attention to Tuckers sweet ass. Spreading those legs Cameron exposes Tuckers hot hole, licking and probing, making that fuck hole hungry for his cock.

Pressing the tip of his throbbing cock into that hot hole, Cameron glides it in for a long and passionate fuck. Tucker spreads his hot ass wide and takes a hard fuck, every thrust driven deep to the hilt. Getting up on top, Tucker grinds his ass down on that fuck pole, riding that cock all the way home With groans of pleasure he pounds out a deep and satisfying load, spraying a wet refreshing load all over himself. Juices ready to flow, Cameron joins in on the nut busting fun and unleashes a drenching load of his own.

Categories: Anal, Boys, Oral, Outdoors
Details: Jul 1, 2014 28 min
Photo of Cameron Marshall
Cameron Marshall
Photo of Tucker Vaughn
Tucker Vaughn

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