HOOKED UP - Scene 2

Photo of HOOKED UP - Scene 2
Photo of HOOKED UP - Scene 2

As scene 2 opens we find Steve on a massage table, waiting for the masseuse to come and work him over. As he waits he begins giving himself an all over rub down, with much emphasis on stroking his long hard pole of a dick. Just as he is getting all hot and bothered he hears a door opening. Quickly he covers himself with his towel and turns to lie face down, trying to cover up his huge and obvious boner.

The masseuse, Jake Watson gets right to work, manhandling Steve’s shoulders and back, vigorously working the muscles up and down Steve’s back.

A good masseuse can feel where the tension is and Jake quickly turns Steve on his back, revealing that hard cock, jutting up from under the towel. Jake doesn’t flinch and like a good masseur he starts working the muscle that needs it most.

Happy to have a professional willing to do what it takes to get the job done, Steve is eager to give back. He reaches into Jakes shorts and pulls out a rock-hard cock ready for suckin, and that’s just what Steve does. Turning on his side he deliciously devours Jake’s hard sprung dick. Meanwhile Jake continues to work his hands all over Steve’s body, up and down his back and over his nice round ass. Steve is on fire as he sucks Jakes hard cock, writhing on the table as Jake manhandles his body.

Jake moves in for more tension release. He turns Steve to face him and moves in for a lip lock as he works his way in between Steve’s opening legs. He continues working Steve’s swollen pole while he uses his finger to gently probe Steve’s tense and twitching asshole. Again, a good masseuse knows where the tension is, and knows how to work it out.

Jake dominates as he pushes Steve’s legs up and open, easing Steve back and into position. If he’s gonna work out the tension he’s gonna have to go deep, and with a long slow insertion Jake invades Steve’s ass. The tension eases immediately, melting away with the deep probe of Jake’s pulsating hot cock. Steve’s ass opens to accept Jake’s searing hot meat as his entire body is set on fire with release.

Jake knows the tools of the trade and the right tool for this job is his cock, plunged deep into Steve’s ass. He gives it to Steve good and hard, pounding away the stress, pounding out the tension. Jake doesn’t stop delivering the pounding until he has worked it all out. He manhandles Steve into what ever position necessary to really get in there deep. He uses the massage table to its full advantage, delivering a fully satisfying ass-fuck. Bent over the table, Jake nails Steve deep and hard from behind. Steve’s cock is rock hard as it bounces helplessly with each thrust against the table.

Jake gets up and lies back on the table, putting Steve up on top of his dick, mercilessly fucking him like a rag doll. Steve rides high and hard, impaled on that dick as Jake’s hands pump his swollen and aching cock.

Steve’s big meaty cock pounds out a furious torrent of cum, exploding with a bang and drenching the table. As he collapses in the after glow of a much needed fuck, Jake tops him off with a shower of cum. Jake drenches Steve. Still quivering from the expulsion of his own mighty load, Steve is bathed in the juices of Jakes gushing cock. It’s as if he is being hosed off from a hot and bothered state as he is soaked to the bone… another satisfied customer.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Big Dick, Oral, Rimming
Details: Oct 1, 2014 19 min
Photo of Jake Watson
Jake Watson
Photo of Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt

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