HOOKED UP - Scene 3

Photo of HOOKED UP - Scene 3
Photo of HOOKED UP - Scene 3

The Scene opens with Tobias Steel, naked and lying on the bed, indulging in self pleasure. The camera gets up close for a landscape view of hot naked flesh, panning up down Tobias’ body as the heat in side of him builds. He fantasizes about sharing his lust with another man as one hand strokes his growing cock and the other hand explores and probes his twitching ass.

Tobias is not alone however as we see Marc Deivo, watching on with lust in his eye from behind an antique dressing blind. He emerges from behind the wall, shirtless and moves in to join his buddy for some naked indulgence.

Tobias begins to stroke his cock with greater desire and force as this hot and sexy man moves in for a deep and passionate kiss. Marc caresses Tobias naked torso, with his hands and tongue, slowly licking his way down for a mouthful of throbbing cock. Marc works his buddy into frenzy as he takes that cock in his mouth. Using his lips, tongue, throat and hands he work the full length of Tobias’ fully erect cock, sending him over the edge of desire as one hand begins to explore his eager ass. Heads bob and hips gyrate in ecstasy as the sucking, kissing and groping rise into a fiery urgency. A deep and underlying lust has been set free and Tobias takes his pleasure in letting his mouth and hands fully worship Marc’s naked flesh.

With that deep hunger building up inside him, Marc is overcome with desire. He has to take the heat up a notch. He needs to fuck some ass, NOW! With intent he pushes Tobias back on the bed, grabs his legs, spreads them apart and exposes Tobias’s open ass, eager for the taking. Tobias is willingly dominated by Marc’s lust and desire. His ass is penetrated and pounded in a fury as his eyes roll back with abandoned pleasure.

The heat of passionate sex has an energy that attracts and soon these men are joined by James Jordan who enters the action naked, hard and ready to fuck. Marc obliges and surrenders Tobias’ ass for the taking. James wastes no time making his presence felt as he drives his spike deep into Tobias, fucking him with force. Marc takes his business up to Tobias’ open mouth and soon Tobias is being penetrated on both ends with hot wet cock. Deep animal moans fill the room as sweat glistens on naked writhing bodies.

Tobias turns to take it on his knees, James delivering the pounding from behind and marc delivering the cock to Tobias’ gaping open mouth.

James pile drives his cock hard into Tobias’ spread open ass. Long inches of cock fill his every hole as he strokes his meat to the tipping point. A long growl escapes as his balls drain themselves of all that pent up lust. His load spurts and his body convulses as wave after cum shooting wave courses through his cock.

Now his work has just begun as he’s got two men ready to explode on either side of him. He opens his mouth and soon his face is being fucked without restraint, his head is passed from one guy to the next as they take their pleasure in fucking his throat. Hard dicks pump between choked gasps for air. Tobias takes their cock as one by one go over the edge. Thick, hot jets of cum spray and platter on Tobias’ face and chest as Marc and James each let go and gush, one after the other.

Categories: Anal, Jerking Off, Oral, Threeway
Details: Oct 1, 2014 24 min
Photo of James Jordan
James Jordan
Photo of Marc Dievo
Marc Dievo
Photo of Tobias Steel
Tobias Steel

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