Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 3

Photo of Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 3
Photo of Stud Ranch: Hung N' Strung Scene 3

Tristian Baldwin Tops Micah Andrews - Tristian Baldwin is getting impatient. He has been waiting to get started on his boy for over 15 minutes. Finally Dayton O’Connor lets him know that out in the work shed, a tied up and blindfolded Micah Andrews is tied up and ready for some serious domination! Micah’s ankles are cinched over his head, wrists bound to his sides, and his bare-naked ass is up in the air, exposed, and waiting to be used. Tristian walks in and likes what he sees. He gets right to work slapping and spitting on the sweet boy ass. Tristian is a talker and verbally dominates and taunts his boy. Tristan roughly dives in on that ass, tonguing and fingering the tight boy-hole deep and slapping those red cheeks hard. He demands from Micah to, “spread that ass wide for Daddy!” Grabbing a 9” ass-tool from the work bench Tristian pries that fuck-hole wide open, getting Micah nice and loose and ready for a hard pounding fuck session.

Tristian decides that this boy is ready to give some service. Giving his boy some extra-rough treatment Tristian demands full body worship as he forces Micah to deep throat his hard cock. When he decides it’s time to fuck Tristian doesn’t let up one bit. He spits on Micah’s hole and then tears into it with his throbbing wet cock. Micah grabs onto the table for support as his hole gets split wide open. It’s a merciless ass pounding session and Micah loves every minute of it. As his ass gets plowed he can’t hold back; he squirts his boy load in his hand. Tristian ridicules his boy and promises to show him what a really Daddy load looks like. He pulls his swollen cock from Micah’s used and abused ass and jacks a massive load all over his spent boy. Pleased that his boy could handle such a rough fuck, Tristian promises to put in a good word to the Ranch owner.

Categories: Anal, Ass Play, Bondage, Boys, Cowboy, Jockstraps, Oral, Rimming, Toys
Details: Jul 1, 2014 32 min
Photo of Micah Andrews
Micah Andrews
Photo of Tristan Baldwin
Tristan Baldwin

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