Photo of RAWHIDE LOAD - Rowdy Nash
Photo of RAWHIDE LOAD - Rowdy Nash

THE HEAT INSIDE - Rowdy Nash is a landscaper hard at work on a client's back yard on a scorching hot day. As he works up a sweat in the yard he hears some sexy noises coming from an open window. As he peaks in he sees an empty bedroom with a big screen TV showing some hot naked man action. Rowdy smiles and enjoys hte distraction. With no one appearing to be home, Rowdy wanders in the open door to find even more all male erotica left out for him to enjoy. Taking off his gloves and boots, Rowdy settles in and pulls out his favorite gardeners tool - His juicy uncut cock. Watching the hot man-on-man action on teh screen helps Rowdy lose himself in a much needed work break.

Categories: Hairy, Jerking Off, Men, Muscle, Solo, Voyeur/Exhibitionism
Details: Dec 15, 2014 12 min
Photo of Rowdy Nash
Rowdy Nash

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