Getting It Scene 4

Photo of Getting It Scene 4
Photo of Getting It Scene 4

Olympus’ Jimmy Slavich has a perfectly toned and fit athletic body and its a wonder that this hung stud ever wears any clothes at all. Naturally, he prefers to be naked and playing with his hefty uncut cock as much as possible. Lucky for us! Settling into a comfortable chair, Jimmy handles his thick uncut cock with one hand as his other hand freely wanders his most erotic pleasure zones. Hot dick action, chest stroking and finger probing of his tight hole has Jimmy amping up the heat. His big pole swells and throbs until he unleashes a fistful of white hot-dick juice, thoroughly draining a massive load from his aching balls.

Categories: Fingering, Jerking Off, Solo, Uncut
Details: Mar 17, 2015 25 min
Photo of Jimmy Slavich
Jimmy Slavich

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